Workout of the Day

Endurance Rising

Hope that everyone had an awesome weekend – mine flew by way too fast!  Tomorrow, we are starting out with an endurance day – which we rarely do at the beginning of the week.  However, after all the complex lifting and challenging workouts last week, we felt it was important to round out your training.  I know that a lot of people don’t like to come when the workout is just a run or row for a lot of reasons.  I always here that you can just run without coming to the gym, but how many of you will honestly do that (runners excepted of course)?  So come and run in solidarity with the group!  Also, running is a great way to burn away weekend calories.

For those who are in Row’d Royalty, remember that your scores are due by 12noon so come on in and get your workout done!

Finally, we are going to be placing a Progenex order – please let me know if there is anything that you would like.  Progenex recently changed their rules (yet again) regarding how the orders work so we have to order LARGE quantities in order to keep the discounted rate that we are getting off of retail.  I am going to place the order by this Friday so please email or text me what you would like.  Simultaneously, we are looking into a new protein company called Gnarly, which makes an awesome Grass Fed protein.  I am going to order some and will have it available for samples next week.  You can check out the website here:

3 mile run or 5k row!

Fernando Lifting

Workout of the Day

Just What the Coach Ordered

We know that everyone is recovering from a challenging workout week so we are offering this workout to help be a great capstone, active recovery workout.  Saturday will be a team workout at the standard 8am and 9am times; however, you will also have the option to use the time as open gym, as always!

Toes to Bar
400m Run

Bruce Wayne

Workout of the Day

Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em

Hope that your squat form improved on Tuesday because Wednesday is going to be a heavy squat day with a metcon!

Row’d Royalty Folks – be on the lookout for the next workout to show up.  Junie is rocking it!

3 rnds:
7 front sqt (155/205)
11 Pull-ups
15 KB swing (55/70)

Deja Front Squat

Workout of the Day

Getting Stronger

Everyone can always use some practice with their overhead squat. Tuesday we are going to focus on improving squat form in general as the overhead squat really magnified any issues you have with your squat foundamentals. Leaning too far forward on the balls of your feet – OHS is going to cause you to fall forward. Not keeping your chest up – OHS will cause you to loose your balance.

Overhead Squat