Workout of the Day

Dumbbell Reloaded

Two important announcements.  We moved the Genesis Camping trip date and location to Friday, July 31st through August 1st at Hutchins Group Campsite in the Plumas National Forest.   Please RSVP here on Facebook.

Second, this weekend is Butter and Eggs so downtown will be crazy!  We are going to be having a track workout instead at the Petaluma High School.  Should be a great workout – so make sure that you show up at 8am Sat. 4/25!

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Of:
Dumbbell Snatch (35/45)

And, Josh warm-ups make the best pictures!

Josh Warm-ups

Workout of the Day

Lots of Moving Parts

Congratulations to Kate on her engagement to Kevin!  Also today is going to be Carolina and Jon’s last day at the gym as they are moving away to San Diego…and it’s my birthday.  So, we are thinking of meeting over at Taps at 8:30pm to celebrate the last 2 (we will have to find another date/time to celebrate Kate’s engagement when she can join, but we can still raise a glass to her in spirit)

4- 2 min max reps of:
Chest to bar Pull-ups

Genesis G

Workout of the Day

Shoulder Strength!

Given that Spring weather is finally here, we are going to be hosting a Track Day NEXT weekend, April 25th at the Petaluma High School track.  This weekend, will be hosted at Genesis as per the usual schedule.

Without further delay, Thursday’s workout is:

Shoulder Press: 1×7

Traci Squatting