Body Weight Trio

And now for a classic little metabolic conditioning workout to round out the week.  Hope that you are enjoying this weeks programming – its a merry romp (yes, I just used those words – that’s for you Joel!) through the different CrossFit workout styles.

Air Squats

Run Junie Run

The Odd Couplet

I know that a few of you have already figured out that this weeks programming is brought to you from the mind of Fernando.  Hope that you are finding it as fun as I am.  Wednesday’s workout is meant to take a little of the intensity off as compared to Tuesday.  However, these EMOMs are a great way to learn how to properly pace yourself.  You need to complete these activities within the minute.  Your score is the number of reps that you completed within the time required.  If you fail at any one round, then your score is the highest round that you completed.  However, you still continue on to complete out your 10 minutes by doing the best that you can do.

EMOM for 10 minutes
Even Minutes:  5 Deadlifts 225 / 135
Odd Minutes:  10 Burpees


Teams of 2 or 3:
Complete Max Box Jumps in 7 minutes

In contrast to the deadlift / burpee pairing, check out this cool picture from FarmFit – matching teammates, finishing the ruck run strong!

Finishing Strong