Throw Down the Goblet

Monday, in the sea of announcements, I forgot to post the theme of the week – Endurance!  So be prepared for some extended time workouts, designed to test your stamina and burn off some fat.

In other news, want to see your favorite CrossFit Games Athletes but didn’t want to travel down to LA for the Games?  The CrossFit Invitational is going to be in San Jose on Sunday, November 9th at 4pm.  Teams from each country will be competing to see who is the best.  You can check out all the details on Team USA Here and can Buy Tickets Here.

23-17-11 reps of:
1-Arm Alternating Kettlebell Swing 35/55
Toes to Bar
Goblet Squats 35/55

After each of the 3 rounds, complete:
3 Deadlifts 205/305

Team Workout Natalie Lifting

Morning Announcements

Monday, we have a few important announcements (this is giving me flash-backs to the high school “morning announcements”).

  1. Spartan Race - This weekend, we had a large Genesis representation at the Spartan Race.  A big congrats to Brendan, Lindsay, Lysa, Martin, and Zach!
  2. Genesis Halloween Party – this Friday -  Normal morning classes but only 6pm evening class, immediately followed by pot-luck and merriment.  Don’t forget your costumes.
  3. Saturday Nov. 1 (All Saints’ Day, aka day after Halloween) – given that the Halloween party is expected to go late, we are not thinking that anyone is going to be in-shape to exercise in the am, so there will not be any classes.
  4. Nerium 30-day Contest – Our very own, Jake and Alizah, have started a business selling Nerium, a skincare anti-aging line.  As a way of testing out interest in Nerium at Genesis, they are going to select 1 person to try a FREE bottle (approximately 30 day supply) of NeriumFirm, a cream designed to reduce wrinkles and firm up problem areas in the upper arms, thighs, and stomach.  Jake and Alizah showed us some impressive before and after photos from their clients.  However in the spirit of CrossFit’s mantra of measurable, observable, and repeated results, we thought it best for someone at Genesis to put it to the test.
    1. To apply to be selected, just send me an email, tell me in the gym, text me, etc.
    2. This is totally free opportunity; you will not have to sit through a sales pitch or be committed to paying anything pre/post trial.
    3. To participate, you must be willing to let them take a before and after picture, and consent to the pictures being used for marketing purposes (they can take close-ups of the skin so it is not expected to be a full body shot)
    4. To learn more about the product, you can click here to watch a video on the Nerium Face Cream and there is another informational video here on NeriumFirm.

800m run
Inchworms down & back
20 sand bag get ups 60/80
30 box jumps
20 pull-ups
30 GHD
20 wall ball 14/20
30 cal row
20 ring push-up
30 walking lunges w/ 30/45 each hand
30 back extensions
1200m run

 Spartan Race

Saturday Team Workout

Teams of 2:
AMRAP 22 Min:
Roll 10-sided die for exercise;
Roll 2x more for reps (0 is a 10)!

1 or 6 = 1-arm Kettlebell Swing 30/45
2 or 7 = Power Snatch 95/115
3 or 8 = Sand Bag Get-up
4 or 9 = Squat Clean 115/155
5 or 0 = Deadlift 155/255

* Team must complete exercise together before selecting a new exercise.
* No team member may do more than 3reps in a row.
* Use clicker or talley marks to keep track of total reps completed for your score

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