Another Benchmark Day

Wednesday, we are going to be focusing on the Snatch (a throwback from the prior month). We thought that you could all use a temporary break from gymnastics after the past 2 days of workouts.  Check out this video which breaks down the movement, extremely slowly.  We are going to practice reviewing these movements in slow motion tomorrow as well.


Snatch 135 pounds
30 reps for time

In other news, we did a minor re-design of our webpage this week, featuring a new fresh look to our pages.  You will notice that we are highlighting accomplishments in the gym and the wow factor of CrossFit.  Check out the pictures on the homepage, you might just find yourself featured!  If you don’t see yourself this time around, you may in the near future.

When in doubt, duncan photo

On the Home Front

So a blog shout out that is long overdue – we want to wish Kelli the best of luck in the pursuit of her MBA over in Ireland!  September is our first month without Kelli and we definitely miss her, but we are proud that she is pursuing her dreams and hopeful that she will return to her roots in Petaluma.  In the meantime, enjoy all that Ireland has to offer…CrossFit Ireland is a great place to train and they also have a great sense of humor, their slogan is simply, “Strong, Funny, Drunk.”

3 Rounds:
1000m Row
10 Front Levers
10 3-second Handstand Holds

Farewell to Kelli

Happy Birthday to Joel

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Joel’s birthday at Pub Republic.  We had a great turn out of people, enjoying good times, good food, and good drinks.  And, now the moment that you all have been waiting for…Joel’s gift to all of you:

Joel’s Birthday
3 rounds of:
9 Muscle-ups
14  HSPU
77 Squats
37 Push-ups

Challenge:  5 rounds, if you can handle it…

Joel Birthday at Pub Republic